Kolibree toothbrush

Do you often forget to brush your tooth? It’s the perfect gadget for you!

This is the first platform connected with toothbrush! It allows you to check how long you are brushing your tooth. It even recommends you techniques or keep contact with your dentists.

Don’t you know how to encourage your child to like brushing teeth? Nothing easier now! Download music or games from Kolibree platform! Make your child’s brushing time funny and easy to accept!






Winter holidays

My friends and I are planning to go away for the winter holidays. Today,  something less about gadgets. Here are some tips about what to do before going on a trip to avoid disappointment.

  1. Make a plan

Before travelling, it is absolutely necessary to make a plan. Without one you could waste a lot of time and money. You will go around your destination and find nothing to do. It’s better for you to stick to the schedule. You will have enough time to see whatever you want and leave yourselves also few minutes to take a rest.


  1. Make sure about your outgoings

Before going ANYWHERE you should always make sure you have enough money. If you go somewhere to relax, it would be a pity to find out there are no banknotes left in your pocket. Tell your family that you need money, just in case. If you don’t use it, just give it back. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who feels embarrassed about asking for money? Then just go to the company and let professionals help you out.


  1. Buy warm clothes

Winter is winter. Even if you come from a warm place, where you’ve never had the chance to see snow, you must pay attention to the fact that the world is different. Maybe even 200kilometers far away from your home there is a cold place full of snow? Before going anywhere, look deep inside your closet. If there are no warm clothes, maybe you should go buy some? Your holidays will be no fun if you’re freezing.


  1. Stay healthy

Snowboarding, skiing, ice-skating – sounds great, right? But be careful—not paying attention for even one moment could be enough to get really hurt. That’s why you’d better protect yourself and buy some travel insurance. If you know nothing about this issue, you can check list of top insurance companies here. Maybe sometimes it’s a bit of a costly  investment, but it’s definitely cheaper than paying for emergency medical care in a foreign country.

Playful snowboarding friends

  1. Don’t forget about your good mood

After all those important issues, it’s finally came time to go! What should you do now? Take your good mood with you and don’t destroy your friends’ trip!

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Changes, changes, changes…

Today, I’d like to add some lifestyle notes to my blog. In general, it’ll be about gadgets, but I would like to add something easy to read for everybody from time to time from time. Recently, I talked with my friend who is living in Hong Kong right now. You even can’t even imagine how cheap electronic equipment  is over there!

I made a deal with her and she promised me to send me the new iPhone 5s!!! And… I already got it! I can’t wait to walk around outside with my new mobile phone and headphones on. I will feel like I’m in a movie! I love singing songs in my head while I walk down the street. I’ve got to look for some new lyrics that I can sing to myself, because I know ‘ll be walking around a lot now! Who knows, maybe I will lose some weight… :)



for all the sleepy heads out there !

Do you want to feel even better than usual when you’re sleeping? Do you need to be listening to music to fall asleep? Or maybe you have problems with sleeping and only music can relax you well enough to fall asleep? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have got to take a look  at our new gadget!

This is the Sound Asleep Pillow. Unbelievable, right? But it’s totally for real! Connect your iPad or mobile phone to your most comfortable pillow and feel calm and relaxed.

Nobody could refuse the amazing gift that is a good, sound sleep…sound-asleep


baby buggy

Hi to every single mum out there, who is here with me now!

I know how hard dealing with being a mum and a woman can be. Today I prepared something for young mums, who often become sad about their weight and who still want be active.

This is the perfect opportunity for each and every mum to go for a special(!) walk with her children. Get your child out in the fresh air lose pounds in the same time! Do you think it’s impossible? You’ve got to check out these great baby buggies! You might think the price is a little high… But the feeling of being good and sexy mum at the same time is totally worth it!

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gadgets for the busy and tired

Today I have something for all of you – both women and men – who are so busy that tired that you don’t have any energy left in you for anything. I was one of you. I remember when I worked in a huge company, I needed to travel a lot by plane. There is nothing about comfortable about sitting and watching the same selection of movies on a plane for the hundredth time in a month. I remember only heavy suitcases, picking them up, putting them down… It only made me one hundred times more tired. That was one of the reasons why I quit my previous job. If only I had found this amazing gadget before… What is it?

It’s suitcase with a scooter! It’s useful, and not only for women. It can withstand very heavy loads and bumpy sidewalks.

If you are too tired to go by your own, just start your machine and go across the airport by scooter.

Lots of smiles and jealous looks guaranteed!




Hi everyone!

I can describe myself as a woman, who is gadget catcher. I always wanted create a blog, on which I can put the newest digital trends. I hope some of my notes will be useful for people, who are searching for some great gift or just need some advises. I would like to create a huge database of gadgets on this blog. Both for women and men :)